About Me

Languages, and especially English, have always been a passion for me, ever since I became bilingual and discovered the subtleties that exist in words and the differences that each language can offer.

My name is Fany Savina. I was born in France but was raised in Ireland. When traditional Irish schooling eventually no longer agreed with me, my parents and I took the decision to try out homeschooling.

During this time I perfected certain skills, such as critical reading, concentration, ability to stick to deadlines, and developed methodical approches. It was in my late teenage years that I began proofreading for a starting publishing house that specialised in open-access conference proceedings. I have continued on there as the in-house copy-editor for what has now become a major open-access publishing house that works with any academic document or project.

My years as an autodidact culminated in passing the Baccalauréat long distance, after which I worked two years at IBM Dublin as technical support. Wanting to go back to my passions and promote more time to my copy-editing, I moved to France to start a degree in English Literature and declared myself as a micro-entrepreneur; a legal status to declare my revenue earned from freelance work.

To finance my studies, I started proposing tutoring in English, and through this I discovered a new passion: teaching!

My freelance status now covers translation, copyediting, and English teaching and tutoring.

So that's where I am now. Armed with my Licence Littérature et Civilisation Étrangère Anglais, filière Traitement Automatique des Langues (English Literature and Civilisations, Natural Language Processing speciality), from the Université de Besançon, the next step is a Master in Translation at the Open University, to continue working in the world of languages and English.

Siret: 833 268 576 00018