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Molecules, Atoms and Elements

An atom is the smallest piece of an element which still has the element’s chemical properties. They are made up of smaller particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons and neutrons bond together in the middle to form the nucleus and … Continue reading

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What is biology? In one phrase, it is the study of living things (organisms). There are many different parts to biology. It can be divided into 12 sub-categories. Botany: The study of plants. Microbiology: The study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria … Continue reading

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Discovering Darwin

On the 28th of November 2009, I went to a 1 day seminar at the National Museum of Ireland, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin, and also celebrating the 150th anniversary of his most famous book on evolution, “On the … Continue reading

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How to Make a CSI Case without Chemicals

First off you’ll need a case, let it be a suitcase or a box, as long as it has space and  it is easy to transport. In my case, you need not buy expensive things, but the proper equipment means … Continue reading

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The Misterious Drops of Something.

One day I was going to the bathroom when I discovered a couple of red drops on the floor. My first impression was that somebody had nosebleed and couldn’t be bothered to clean it up. Just to be sure, I … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Pulled Hair and a Sheded Hair

This experiment conducted by me shows how, when viewed under a microscope, a hair,both human and animal, can be told which way it was separated from the head. I took a sheded eyelash along with a pulled hair and looked … Continue reading

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