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Phase 6

5/5/11 After some delay, I have planted the grown seeds in a large container, placed outside. This container had been bought quite some time ago, but after some de-weeding, the earth was in excellent condition. With a slight tearing, I … Continue reading

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Phase 3

07/04/11: A great deal of advancement to note. Firstly, noticed that soil dried out quickly and tray an box require almost daily watering. Secondly, the radishes all have stems with an average of three leaves bloomed. Tallest radish stem measures … Continue reading

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Phase 1

30/03/11: Planted seeds into ready made biodegradable pots, in a kit from Ikea. To plant, poured approx. 50 ml of water and waited 10 seconds for water to dissolve dried compressed compost tablets. Placed Capsicum annuum Cayenne (red chili) first, … Continue reading

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How to Make a CSI Case without Chemicals

First off you’ll need a case, let it be a suitcase or a box, as long as it has space and  it is easy to transport. In my case, you need not buy expensive things, but the proper equipment means … Continue reading

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