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Kodo Taiko Performance in Dublin

Yesterday (Sunday) I attended the Kodo Taiko family experience (before the concert) at the National Concert Hall. I had no idea what to expect, as the ticket to go was a surprise ticket and I only knew where I was … Continue reading

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Five Seemingly Useless Words in Japanese

Five words you believe you will never use but that I know. In Japanese. Share on Facebook

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Introducing myself in Japanese

Translation: Hajime mashite: Nice to meet you. Watashi wa Fany Savina desu. My name is Fany Savina. (lit. I Fany Savina am.) Yoroshiku onegai shimasu: lit. I’ll be in your care / please take good care of me Yoroshiku onegai … Continue reading

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Kenpō is a Japanese fighting art brought to Japan from China around 700 years ago. The word Kenpō literally means ‘Fist Law’, but it also references to its Chinese roots. The Japanese adaption of the Chinese martial art was well … Continue reading

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Basic Greetings

Today, I learned some basic greetings for various times of the day. Good morning (polite) : おはようございます ( Ohayō gozaimasu )    To be less formal, you can remove ‘gozaimasu’, creating: おはよう ( Ohayō ) Hello, Hi, and also Good Afternoon: … Continue reading

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Now that I know what my name is, I need to be able to properly introduce myself. English: Nice to meet you. I am Fany. It’s a pleasure to meet you. (lit. please be good to me) Romaji: Hajimemashite. Watashi … Continue reading

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My Name in Japanese

Recently I have started learning Japanese. I am highly interested in the language and culture of Japan. I have obtained a premium membership with Japanese Pod 101, and to begin my journey into the art of Japanese, I learned what … Continue reading

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Anime (アニメ)

Anime is most commonly referred to as Japanese animation. It dates back to 1917, but it only became known outside of Japan in the 1980’s. It’s popularity was firstly in East and Southeast Asia, but it recently it has gained … Continue reading

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