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112 Gripes about the French

Do you find yourself hating or not understanding the French? Are you an American G.I. situated in France during 1945 after having just liberated it? Well then this is the pamphlet for you! Written and published in 1945 by the … Continue reading

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Cortex Critique

Cortex, a french movie directed by Nicolas Boukhrief in 2008, tells the story of a retired cop, Charles Boyer, suffering from Alzheimer’s who decides himself to be placed in a retirement home specialised for mental disorders. However, he starts to notice patients … Continue reading

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Notre-Dame de Paris, Volume 1 Résumé

LIVRE PREMIER: Le 6 janvier 1482, la foule attendait avec impatience ‘le mystère’ qui aurait dû commencer à midi dans le Palais de Justice de Paris. Comme dit Victor Hugo: “Cette foule attendait depuis le matin trois choses: midi, l’embassade … Continue reading

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Les Tontons Flingueurs

FRANCAIS: J’ai eu l’occasion de regarder le film culte, Les Tontons Flingueurs. L’histoire raconte les aventures de Fernand Naudin, un ex-truand, qui se rend au chevet de son ami d’enfance. Celui-ci, mourant, lui demande de s’occuper de ses affaires et … Continue reading

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The Eye / L’Oeil / El Ojo


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English: A- : without, not. e.g. atheist. Anti- : opposing, against. e.g. antichrist De- : remove, reverse. e.g. de-stress Dis- : negative, removal, expulsion. e.g. disadvantage Hemi- : half, e.g. hemisphere Français: Anti- : opposé, contre. ex: anticlerical Hémi- : … Continue reading

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English: -ess: female. e.g. actress -ful: full of, have some or much. e.g. hopeful -holic: love, addiction. e.g. alcoholic -ism: doctrine, practice, act. e.g. buddhism -less: lack of. e.g. homeless Français: -isme: opinion, attitude. ex: communisme -ier: arbre. ex: poirier … Continue reading

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