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Phase 6

5/5/11 After some delay, I have planted the grown seeds in a large container, placed outside. This container had been bought quite some time ago, but after some de-weeding, the earth was in excellent condition. With a slight tearing, I … Continue reading

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Phase 1

30/03/11: Planted seeds into ready made biodegradable pots, in a kit from Ikea. To plant, poured approx. 50 ml of water and waited 10 seconds for water to dissolve dried compressed compost tablets. Placed Capsicum annuum Cayenne (red chili) first, … Continue reading

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Consuming Electricity (Experiment)

As a sort of experiment, I decided to see how much certain appliances in my house cost my parents. At first, as a control, I unplugged everything and I even switched off the fridge. This is to prevent another thing … Continue reading

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Replicating a Scientific Experiment

Since I was in my molecules and atoms period, I also tried doing this experiment: Measuring the Diameter of a Molecule. The experiment was found on a school website. I read the essay summarising the experiment and I thought the concept … Continue reading

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What is biology? In one phrase, it is the study of living things (organisms). There are many different parts to biology. It can be divided into 12 sub-categories. Botany: The study of plants. Microbiology: The study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria … Continue reading

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