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Say it in Abma

“Say it in Abma” is an exercise I found online once but cannot remember where. Either way, it is good mental stimulation and good problem solving. Can you crack it? Abma is an Austronesian language spoken in parts of the … Continue reading

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La Boum Review

La Boum, a French 1980 teen flick starring Sophie Marceau, was directed by Claude Pinoteau. It tells the story, quite simply, of a teenage girl falling in love and all the little hardships she will experience with the first love, … Continue reading

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Les Tontons Flingueurs

FRANCAIS: J’ai eu l’occasion de regarder le film culte, Les Tontons Flingueurs. L’histoire raconte les aventures de Fernand Naudin, un ex-truand, qui se rend au chevet de son ami d’enfance. Celui-ci, mourant, lui demande de s’occuper de ses affaires et … Continue reading

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The Eye / L’Oeil / El Ojo


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English: A- : without, not. e.g. atheist. Anti- : opposing, against. e.g. antichrist De- : remove, reverse. e.g. de-stress Dis- : negative, removal, expulsion. e.g. disadvantage Hemi- : half, e.g. hemisphere Français: Anti- : opposé, contre. ex: anticlerical Hémi- : … Continue reading

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English: -ess: female. e.g. actress -ful: full of, have some or much. e.g. hopeful -holic: love, addiction. e.g. alcoholic -ism: doctrine, practice, act. e.g. buddhism -less: lack of. e.g. homeless Français: -isme: opinion, attitude. ex: communisme -ier: arbre. ex: poirier … Continue reading

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