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Dice Game in Codecademy

In Codecademy, I completed the Dice Game, and here it is for all to see. The rules of this virtual game are simple: You have two die, and rolling them give you a certain score. Rolling a one on either … Continue reading

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Objects and Methods in Javascript

Using Codecademy, I have learned about Objects and Methods in Javascript. Here’s an example of what I can do: Share on Facebook

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Moving House

I have just moved to a somewhat bigger house. It now accommodates my bedroom, as well as a separate office. My office is completely set up, and I’m ready for learning. However, there are distractions all around. Most notable among them is … Continue reading

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Conditionals in Javascript

Using Codecademy, I learned if/else statements, nested if/else statements, switch statements, and ternary operators in Javascript! If/Else Statements: Switch Statements: Ternary Operators: Share on Facebook

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Eirtakon 2011

This year, for the first time, I attended Eirtakon, an anime and manga convention in Dublin, Ireland. It ran from Friday 11th of November until Sunday 13th of November. I had already bought my ticket months beforehand, receiving with it … Continue reading

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Photofusion: Mixing new and old photos

After getting a new Canon 60D, my dad and I decided that our first project with it would be ‘photofusion’. You may be unfamiliar with this word, and that is to be expected, since I just invented it. Photofusion |ˈfōtō ˈfyoō zh … Continue reading

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Transparent Laptop Screen

This simple trick is very easy to do, you only need the correct tools. It was my first time trying any such thing, and the results are pretty good, if I do say so myself. So here’s a quick but … Continue reading

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Open Learning Initiative and Biology

The website Open Learning Initiative is exactly what its title suggests. It is a website dedicated to open learning. There are free courses, which you can follow, or even ‘peek in’, as they say on the website. These courses are available … Continue reading

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Minecraft is a game developed by Swedish Markus Persson. It was written in Java, and is classified as an indie sandbox building video game. There are two versions, the free Classic (released in 2009), and the Beta (released in 2010). … Continue reading

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Wiki Abridged: Ponyta

Ponyta is a pokémon created by Ken Sugimori. It first appeared in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue games, and later made appearances in spin-off media, such as the anime. Ponyta is much like a horse in the sense that is it … Continue reading

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