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Phase 1

30/03/11: Planted seeds into ready made biodegradable pots, in a kit from Ikea. To plant, poured approx. 50 ml of water and waited 10 seconds for water to dissolve dried compressed compost tablets. Placed Capsicum annuum Cayenne (red chili) first, … Continue reading

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Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

The Dracaena Marginata is one of the most common indoor plants, usually seen in offices and the sort because of it’s minimal care. This plant, as the name suggests, is native to Madagascar. It is slow growing, and can last … Continue reading

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Getting a Wedge Resection

On Tuesday 22nd of March, I went to the hospital for a wedge resection operation to remove an infected ingrown toenail on my right foot. I had been previously asked whether I wanted a general anaesthetic, or a local one. I … Continue reading

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National Geographic – August 1995, Hiroshima

66 years ago, the very first atomic bomb was dropped by the Americans onto Hiroshima (広島市). After the a-bombing, the Americans demanded the Japanese surrender, but they still preferred death over the white flag. Then the Americans a-bombed a second … Continue reading

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New Scientist – November 20th 2010, Culture Club

Humans have always thought that the only difference between us and the animals of the world was our intelligence and culture. It has already been proven we are not the only mentally developed race out there, but what about culture. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Wildlife Highlights of Madagascar

As seen in BBC Wildlife’s February 2011 magazine, Madagascar is a fascinating place, where many of the fauna and flora species are solely found on that island and no where else. You may also recognise some of these from the … Continue reading

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BBC Wildlife January 2011

Today I read the BBC Wildlife magazine, and in it the featured article was Why Dogs Rule the World. The article, written by Steve Harris, explained why dogs are so widespread and popular. It dealt with the prehistory, the habitat, … Continue reading

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Le Sel

On utilise et on mange du sel tous les jours. Mais d’où vient-il, et que se passe t’il quand on en mange de trop, ce qu’on fait de plus en plus dans le monde ? Le sel est connu depuis … Continue reading

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Solar Panels

Today, I built a little solar-powered windmill. It was a ‘make-it-yourself’ kit, where you could create six different things with the same pieces. I wanted to do the ‘Solar Puppy’, but I was recommended to build something that didn’t move … Continue reading

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The Human Skeleton

The human skeleton is comprised of bones, fused or individual. These bones are also supported by ligaments, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. Ligaments are tough, fibrous, dense connective tissues which fasten two bones together to form a joint. The muscles are … Continue reading

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