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Volcanoes: How are they formed?

Volcanoes are like mountains made of cooled down lava. They are formed because plates, which make up the earth’s crust, move around like sponges on water. Some bang into each other while others move away from each other. They float … Continue reading

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Clouds are great big visible masses of tiny water droplets or ice crystals. There are four major groups of clouds: High Clouds, Middle Clouds, Low Clouds, Vertical Clouds. High clouds: These will form between 3,000 and 8,000 m (10,000 and … Continue reading

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Weather Forecasting

Mankind has always felt the need to be able to predict the weather. As early as 650 BC, people were already looking up at the skies and stars, and recognised certain events which lead to a certain type of weather. … Continue reading

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The earth is partly made up with rocks. There are many different sorts of rocks that can differ in colour, texture, density, and hardness. All these can be classified into three, big main groups: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks. Igneous Rocks: … Continue reading

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Ocean Currents

Ocean currents are continuous, directed movements of ocean water. These smooth movements of water follow a specific course; they proceed either in a cyclical pattern or as a continuous stream. These movements can be caused by the gravitational pull of … Continue reading

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Columbus Monument, Barcelona, Spain

The ‘Columbus Monument’, or the ‘Monument a Colom’ in Catalan, or the ‘Mirador de Colón’ in Spanish, is a monument to Christopher Columbus (Christopher Colón in Spanish) in Barcelona. This 60m (197 ft) tall monument was constructed in Barcelona for … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is an effect that happens in the atmosphere with the sun’s heat radiations. The sun projects heat onto the earth and it tries to enter our atmosphere. When the heat comes into contact with the earth, the … Continue reading

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