Internet and Privacy are Mortal Enemies

Once you put something out there, it's out there. No matter how hidden you think it is, someone somewhere finds it and shares it. Especially now that we have Tumblr, Memebase, 9gag, 4chan, etc., that picture you took "just for laughs" is more likely to circulate regularly.
Now, whenever someone brings up the issue of privacy on the internet, it is almost always a rule that Facebook makes its way into the discussion. Facebook, abbreviated to FB for lazy purposes, is known for its "loosey-goosey" privacy settings that may crash at any moment. Some people just don't care about such things, others are completely paranoid and make accounts under the names "Sarah Conner" and "John Doe" (or don't make accounts at all...), whereas some people like the idea of being public, of being known. It's probably the closest to famous they'll ever be.
To answer to this wide array of personalities and still address the problem of personal information sharing, I bring you, *drumroll*, Take This Lollipop.
If I were to describe Take This Lollipop, I'd say it is a shock site, although not like the disgusting ones that most likely came to your mind. It's a shock site in the sense that the little movie played is very disturbing and provocative. The site hosts a personalised movie that uses the information on your FB account to make a short (1-2min) that will have you watching over your back, literally and virtually. It is a one time thing, you see it and that particular version of it is deleted. Your information isn't kept. All you have to do is log in to facebook and "allow" the app to do its thing.
But before I send you off on your self-discovery adventure, let me just give you some recommendations. With headphones, in a dark room, is the best possible way to watch this. Please, please, please, avoid watching it with other people, as seeing the movie with someone else's info ruins the entire effect.

I can't give a synopsis, it goes against the whole point, but all I can say is, once you've watched it, you'll be going over your privacy settings one by one, and sorting through your friends list, that's for sure! Warning, though, it is creepy, so parental guidance for small children is highly recommended. Rather, forcing your pre-teen or teenager to watch this without giving them any incentive as to what it is will definitely make them remember not to give out personal information. It's a great parenting tool, really.
So, without further ado, I give you...

Once you've sorted through your FB settings, please take the time to share this site, after all, educated people are safer people! Don't make it easier for the creeps to get you. Go ahead, take the lollipop.

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