Catch-22 Review

Catch-22 was written by Joseph Heller, and I have to say, I really enjoyed his book.

I found the timeline alluring, and I don't think it would have made as much sense if it was in chronological order. It was really funny, but I found the humour to be repetitive, like it was always the same type of humour, what I'm dubbing to be 'repetitive humour'. Examples:

-"'Will you get back into bed' she said, 'or must I take you by your ear and put you there?'
'Take me by my ear and put me there,' Yossarian dared her.
Nurse Duckett took him by his ear and put him back in bed." (p336)

-"'You really are up the creek, Popinjay. Is Popinjay really your name? Just what the hell kind of a name is Popinjay, anyway? I don't like it.'
'It's Popinjay's name, sir,' Lieutenant Scheisskopf explained." (p90)

-"'And how many missions have you flown?'
'Five?' asked Colonel Cathcart.
'Five, sir.'
'Five, eh?' Colonel Cathcart rubbed his cheek pensively.
'That isn't very good, is it?'" (p424)

Of course those are just three examples, but all the humour is like that. The joke gets old after a while.

Another thing that marked me in this book was the details. There were practically two adjectives minimum per sentence. And most verbs were accompanied by adverbs. There were lots of synonyms to avoid repetition of adjectives, and I can say I learned a lot of new words. Does anyone know what 'exophthalmic' means? I do now 😛 .

So all in all I really liked the book regardless of the fact that the humour was always the same kind. I was surprised when the plot took a sudden turn for sadness. I was deeply moved, partially because of the very quick transition. The ending was left a bit open, but it was a decent way to end this kind of novel.

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