Floreana by Margret Wittmer Review

While on my Galapagos Trip, particularly on Floreana, I stopped by the little gift shop run by Floreanita/Inge (the author's daughter) and picked up a t-shirt along with a English Translation of her mother's biography.

I recently took to reading the biography and am sorry to say that I couldn't finish it. For one, the book design (inside) was horrible, very painful to read, and full of mistakes. I suppose the mistakes weren't that bad (I'm not a grammar nazi), but the actual formatting of the book was truly painful to read, and it slowed me down to the point where I was annoyed. Things like line breaks in the middle of sentences, etc.

The story behind it should be the real appeal, being the first hand recounting of a Floreana inhabitant, who was there during the mysteries. But I found it boring. And it shouldn't be. It is an exciting story, and Margret Wittmer was an exceptional woman who had two kids with no medical help on the island, lived off of her own sweat, but she couldn't write for marbles.

Really, how can one enjoy a good story when it's being told in a bad way? I mean no offense to Margret Wittmer, really I admire her. I wouldn't last a week while she stayed on the island for years, but some people just can't write. I have only read two diaries so far, this one and Anne Frank, and I disliked both of them. Diaries aren't meant to be read by others in the first place, right?

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