The Galapagos – Pt.9

Today was our last day on Isabella, the island that would become my favourite of them all. We started off with a morning of kayaking. We all got into a bus to head to the beach, but on the way, we stopped at a spot from which we could see pink flamingoes. Did You Know; Flamingoes only become pink as a result of a pigment found in their predominant food. If we dyed their algae blue, they would become blue. Perhaps we could create rainbow flamingoes…

The flamingoes were a bit too far, however, for photos, so we left soon after. We did not put on wetsuits for the kayaking as there were no plans of anyone capsizing. We were partnered up, my Travel Companion and I going together, and set out into the pier. We did a great loop during which we saw (yet again) sea lions, penguins, and various fish, as well as plenty of pelicans. My Travel Companion and I had a lot of trouble at first to coordinate, and the canoe's behaviour was very erratic. By the time we were rowing back to shore however, we managed to somehow synchronise. Funny enough, all of us had our shorts drenched by the end, and none of us had thought to bring a change, so we went straight to the tortoise breeding center in our wet attire.


The breeding center was a very educational place, and it was great to see all the baby/teenage tortoises. They looked like they were separated in their pens by age, and in one particular group, it was very noticeable that tortoises do not give a fudge when it comes to moving forward. An obstacle in my way? Pffft! Just walk over it. So that's what they did, but with not traffic laws, the tortoises were literally climbing on top of each other to continue their straight-lined path.

We learned at the breeding center that tortoises are having a hard time growing adults, as all the babies are preyed on and eaten, so the breeding center focuses on building super mutant ninja adult tortoises that can survive on their own in the wild.

The breeding center ended with a boardwalk through wetlands, where we saw flamingoes at a closer distance, as well as strange crabs known as Violinist crabs who had one huge claw and one normal sized. There were also lots of marine iguanas just chillin', although a few were chillin' in the middle of the boardwalk, and walking around them was a bit awkward. But eventually we managed to cross all of them and arrived at the end of the boardwalk which brought us back into town. From there we walked back to the hotel, had lunch, and were given a 'free afternoon'. Some of us napped, some of us went to the beach, and some of us napped at the beach. Myself, I went to the beach, swam a little, enjoyed the sun from the shade, and after a quick power nap, went to the post office/souvenir/clothes shop to buy postcards and stamps for the grandparents. Three huge stamps for Europe.

After sending out the postcards, I went back to the beach to enjoy the sunset. We then met up at a bar on the beach for our dinner together, where Pablo joined us along with his wife and kid. We all talked and had an overall nice dinner, with the waves serenading us while the stars stared down at us in full.

That's some poetic writing there.

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