Cirque du Soleil, Alegria, in Dublin

Yesterday night, I attended the Cirque du Soleil, Alegria show, in the O2. I knew it was going to be awesome, but boy was it awesome. The night started with getting a bite to eat and making our way to our seats, which were well placed for our 'budget'. We were high up, but not too high, and bam smack in the middle, with a clear view of the stage. We were a bit early, but that was taken care of by a game of I Spy. At five to eight, I started noticing clowns walking around on the ground floor, interacting with the people seated there. Then all of a sudden there were performers everywhere, like monsters in a horror movie surround us. Then the music started, and the ringmaster, I'm assuming that's what the weird Quasimodo dude was, beginning singing in an upbeat tempo: 'ALEGRRRRIIAA'. And that was how the show started. We saw fire performers, trapeze artists, contortionists, amazing people that jumped up and balanced on a thin (wooden?) beam, doing flips in the air, there was singing, and as far as I could tell, the music was live, being played by a band in the furthest reaches of the stage. There were also clowns, two in particular, that did their own little routines as a sort of intermission in between performances. They were hilarious! In fact, I think they might have been my favorite part of the show! There were also hula-hoops performers, and this one guy that was inside a giant hoop, spinning around in it. That was cool to see.
But I think my absolute favorite, apart from the clowns, was the trampoline artists. Jumping around, bouncing, flipping with the music.
But there was also so much to see, like little acts during the acts. People moving around on the stage during a performance, interacting with each other, some just lurking about. You could watch the show five times and everytime find something new that is going on.

Overall the Cirque du Soleil was a brilliant thing to watch, and a definite thing to add to your bucket list. Mine has already been checked off.
However, I suggest you bring your own snacks and beverages (if in the O2), as when thirst hit us and we decided to buy a bottle of water, it was three euros, for a small 500ml bottle! So be careful of that!

S/N: There was a strict 'No Photography Allowed', so no pictures for this blog. Sorry!

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