What came after Napoleon?!

I don't know about you, but I've been wondering what happened after Napoleon? How would France get from an Empire to a restored Monarchy to the presidential republic it is today? Well, it isn't exactly simple, but let me break it down for you.

Louis Philippe I

Once Napoleon was exiled for good, after his Hundred Days, on Saint Helena, the Bourbons were re-restored, meaning that Louis XVIII (Louis XVI's brother) was given was again the throne. However, Louis was very sick, and he died of both wet and dry gangrene in his legs in 1824, after ruling for approximately ten years. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Charles, who became Charles X. Charles was a lot more of a radical royalist than his brother, and as soon as he was crowned in 1825, he passed multiple laws that were in favor of royalists, clergy and nobles, and severely affected France's economy. In response, there was another mini revolution known as the July Revolution, which saw the end of Charles X, who went to live in various other countries in exile. Next to succeed Charles was Louis Philippe , from a branch of royal blood. His blood was royal per se, but he was a second branch of the entire family, and was not a part of the 'royal' family. Although Louis-Philippe ruled reasonably well, and did not spend lavishly like his predecessors, there was another mini revolution, called the February Revolution, in 1848. Fearing that he would be guillotined too, Louis-Philippe fled. It was then that the National Assembly of France decided to vote on a president, wo became Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Just like his uncle, Louis wasn't content with just a four year rule, and because the Constitution prevented anybody from being elected twice, Louis pulled a coup-d'états in 1851, and proclaimed himself president for life, and shortly after, Emperor Napoleon III. His rule was actually quite beneficial for France, as he initiated industrialisation, cleaned up Paris and re-arranged the streets into what we now have, and he also truly established peace for a while. He only entered a few wars, most of which were victories and for peaceful ends. The rest of Europe was content with his Empire as soon as it was made apparent that Louis did not intend to expand it. But Louis did want to make France more prominent and powerful, which he tried to accomplish with foreign policy, trading, and improving France overall. He managed, using industrialization, to better France's economy, to bring it to a boom even, and the opportunities for starting businesses were unlike anything seen before.

Napoleon III Bonaparte"]


Louis Napoleon's end came when he tried to release Austria from the rule of Prussia. He began a war known as the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, but it turned disastrous and he was captured in battle the same year, which brought on another mini revolution which brought his Second Empire to the ground. He was eventually released by the Prussians, as he was no longer a powerful leader, on the exception that he should exile himself in England, which he did. The newly formed government, named the Third Empire, continued the Franco-Prussian War, although the war resulted in the German Empire, which became the new number one nation in the world, replacing France and rendering useless what Louis Napoleon did during his rule.

The Third Empire, who regularly voted for new members and presidents, remained unchanged until 1940, when it became the Vichy Regime in World War II following the successful invasion of the Nazis.

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