Say it in Abma

"Say it in Abma" is an exercise I found online once but cannot remember where. Either way, it is good mental stimulation and good problem solving. Can you crack it?

Abma is an Austronesian language spoken in parts of the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu by around 8,000 people. Carefully study these Abma sentences, then answer the following questions. Note that there is no separate word for ‘the’ or ‘he’ in these Abma sentences.

Now, here are some new words in Abma:

Questions (Translate the following sentences into Abma):

1. The teacher carries the water down.

2. The child keeps eating.

3. Mabontare eats taro.

4. The child crawls here.

5. The teacher walks downhill.

6. The palm‐tree keeps growing upwards.

7. He goes up.


1. Sesesrakan mweselkani sileng mwisib.

2. Nutsu mwatbo mwegani.

3. Mabontare mwegani bwet.

4. Nutsu mwegalgal mwabma.

5. Seseskaran muhural mwisib.

6. Butsukul mwatbo mwegau mwesak.

7. Mwisib.

Did you get everything right? I did 😛 .

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