Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII

Although a lot of movies and media exist around Henry VIII, they always start with Anne Boleyn or later. I wonder why that is. I personally think that how Henry married Catherine is just as interesting, and just as long: Henry didn't divorce one, marry another and create the Church of England within weeks. Several, several years passed first during which Anne gave in to the King's advances before being married, let alone Queen. But anyway, back to Catherine of Aragon. I made a timeline of the two, from their births, to their eventual marriage. It may give an idea that marrying someone in Tudor times wasn't that easily done. But more importantly, it may give an idea of what Catherine of Aragon's life as well as Henry VIII's was like before the mayhem of infertility and Anne Boleyn. Enjoy!

(Note: You may need to pause the video at times, the text can scroll a little quickly.)

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