Moving House

Sunrise at my new house. Notice the birds flying around? You'll get close-ups soon.

I have just moved to a somewhat bigger house. It now accommodates my bedroom, as well as a separate office. My office is completely set up, and I'm ready for learning. However, there are distractions all around. Most notable among them is the sea view we have from our back garden, which is especially gorgeous when the sun rises over the sea. Also right past our back garden, are two curious creatures: a horse and a teeny, weeny pony. I have also noticed seals, seagulls and other various seabirds at the small bay in the village. The area is rife with photographic opportunities, both goofy and artistic. I eagerly await my many photo creations of the area, as do you, I hope.

The horse, apparently named 'Pieomy'?

The pony, apparently called Larry.

An example of a goofy picture.

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