La Boum Review

La Boum, a French 1980 teen flick starring Sophie Marceau, was directed by Claude Pinoteau. It tells the story, quite simply, of a teenage girl falling in love and all the little hardships she will experience with the first love, such as a lack of parents' permission and jealousy. It is a very simple movie, with no other underlying meanings other than first love and finding love again. This is not recommended for men, as most will find it of the upmost boring. Indeed, there is no plot per se, but it is a nice story of teen romance, and married life. The only thing this movie gives you intellectually is the certainty that boys will never understand girls, even though it is not all that complicated! Regardless of the simplicity of the movie, it leaves you in a happy mood. The theme song also gets stuck in your head. For a long time.

Again, this story concentrates solely on first loves and a teenager's life, in the 80's, forgot to mention that, but it is an enjoyable movie which I would recommend to anybody, or rather, any girl, not to be too stereotypical.

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