Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits) Review

Screen shot of the movie.

Les Jeux Interdits, known as Forbidden Games in English, is a movie set in June 1940. It was directed by René Clément in 1952 and tells the tale of a little girl, Paulette, orphaned in a French air raid, who is taken in by a young farmer boy, Michel, and his family.  The two become friends and together they try to understand and come to terms with death and the rituals surrounding it.

I thought this movie was excellent for varied reasons. The first is the music. It is so nice to listen, and fits perfectly with the themes of the movie. I am sure you must have heard it somewhere before without realising it, it is quite popular as a cover song for various instruments. The second reason is because of the actors. Both (Paulette and Michel) are very talented, and play their parts well. Paulette is played by Brigitte Fossey, and she is a Parisian on the flee with her parents as well as being somewhat bossy and demanding, but innocent at the same time. Michel, played by Georges Poujouly, is a farmer boy who becomes totally bewitched by Paulette and spends his time trying to please her and make her happy, at the risk of being scolded by his short-tempered father. The third reason why this movie is very worthwhile is the story itself, although it is quite depressing. I won't spoil any plots, but it is not the movie to watch when in want of a good laugh, although there were a few moments that made me smile. To summarize, one word comes to mind when I think of this movie: quirky.

All in all, Les Jeux Interdits is a great, touching movie, and everyone should see it in my opinion. Why aren't you watching it already? Go on! Go!

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