Wiki Abridged: Ponyta


Ponyta is a pokémon created by Ken Sugimori. It first appeared in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue games, and later made appearances in spin-off media, such as the anime. Ponyta is much like a horse in the sense that is it a herding diurnal herbivore, but as a pokémon, Ponyta is a fire-type. Its evolved form (can be described as a level-up) is Rapidash, known as Gallop in the original Japanese concept. Ponyta has a tail and mane made of flames, which can be cooled down so as to not burn its rider, but they can also be made hot enough to melt metal. Ponytas are noted for their loyalty towards their owner, but trust does not come easily. One knows it has successfully earned a Ponyta's trust when they are no longer burned by a Ponyta's mane.

Ponyta has many characteristics which make it a strong pokémon. It can jump extremely high, over the Eiffel tower for example, and has strong legs with a light body. As a baby, it cannot stand and does not have its fiery mane and tail, but after an hour of birth, the mane and tail are developed and power is achieved through constant galloping. A Ponyta's hooves are stronger than diamonds and can trampled virtually anything. As Rapidash, it has everything its previous form has, with added power and speed, as well a single horn, making Rapidash resemble more of a Unicorn rather than a horse. In addition to a mane and tail, Rapidash now also has fire-covered ankles, head and lower back, making him more 'furry' if you will. Both Rapidash and Ponyta, in their natural environment, are found in grasslands or sometimes mountains. Rapidash has a higher sense of competition, and although usually casual, they can be seen trying to outrun anything faster than them. They can reach speeds of 200 kilometers an hour in ten strides. Their flames become brighter and more powerful when moving at full speed.


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