Wiki Abridged: Galerina Marginata

Galerina Marginata

The Galerina Marginata is a deadly species of fungus. Its appearance can easily be mistaken for edible mushrooms. It is more commonly known as the Deadly Skullcap, the Deadly Galerina, Funeral Bells, or even Marginate Pholiota. It has a convex cap and the hymenium (underside) is adnexed. Colours van vary depending on age and moisture levels, but most range between ochre and tawny, with a yellow-ochre edge at the bottom of the cap when young. The gills are closely placed and narrow. They are light brown/yellow but become darker with age. The cap can reach diameters of 1.7 to 4 cm, whereas the stem can reach 3 to 6 cm. The stem starts as a solid but becomes increasingly hollow from the ground up as the Galerina Marginata matures. They are detritivores that mainly feed on conifer wood, and are found almost anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, that is North America, Asia and Europe. Some cases can even be found in Australia.

It is toxic when ingested, and causes major liver damage, inducing diarrhea, vomiting and hypothermia. It is lethal unless treated very soon after ingestion. Some of the very few poisonings recorded can be ascribed to people confusing the Galerina Marginata with the Psilocybe because of their very similar aspects. The Psilocybe is more commonly known as the Magic Mushroom, because of its hallucinogenic properties.

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