Minecraft is a game developed by Swedish Markus Persson. It was written in Java, and is classified as an indie sandbox building video game. There are two versions, the free Classic (released in 2009), and the Beta (released in 2010). The Classic focuses solely on the building aspect, with unlimited supplies, while the Beta (15€) is more about survival, and supplies must be collected and transformed into tools. The Beta version is the only to feature constant updates. A full game is being developed, but there are no specific release dates. I myself have a Beta version of the game, which I acquired very recently, so I've only played an hour or so, but the game is amazing! Although I did die two times and had to respawn, losing everything I collected each time, I still loved it. The first time I died was when I tried to approach a giant black spider. I should have known better. The second time I died was when I jumped down from a cliff, thinking I could make it.

My Home Sweet Home

The game has some interesting aspects, such as all the resources you can collect. What I've seen so far is wood, coal, cobblestone, gravel, sand, dirt, wool, flowers, saplings and I even found two arrows once, but then I died and lost them. All these can be put into infinite combinations, creating even more things. What I did manage to make was a sword, a shovel, a pick-axe and a torch. I made myself a nice cosy little house with secret tunnel passageways, and a lovely little pond right out front. I got lost in the vast world a few times though, so I only spent one night in my house as of yet. And that brings us on to the next part: the dangerous things in Minecraft. The first things to look out for are spiders. They are huge and appear both at night and during the day. They bite and kill you, and I speak of experience. The second things to look out for are the monsters. Fortunately, they only come out at night, so all you have to do is build a shelter and wait the night out. The night comes very quickly, approximately every ten minutes, and lasts just as long. Twice I got caught far away from my house and had to improvise. Building a hole in the ground and barricading yourself in works well. Basically, I buried myself alive in order to live. The second time I was completely lost and I was trying to out run a spider, when I saw the monsters. They are basically people, but all grey and just two huge black eyes. They shoot arrows at you. I was practically surrounded by monsters and I swear the spider was still lurking somewhere, and before I knew it, I fell into a gorge and had to hide in a hole there. Once it was day again, I had a hard time climbing back out.

In conclusion, this game is really very good and entertaining, and it really gets your creativity running. My only complaint is that when the character gets hungry, there are no vegetarian options. You have to clobber a cow, chicken, pig or sheep that run wild everywhere to death, and eat meat. When can't I eat berries or something?

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