Photoshop Art

Original cover

I designed a desktop image for myself, using photoshop. I used Kanon Wakeshima's album cover as inspiration. I started by just doodling on a piece of paper, and when I liked what I had drawn, I scanned it and put it into photoshop. First, I had to get rid of all the blue lines and I didn't want the text either, so I simply used the eraser and went manually, sometimes zooming until I could delete pixel by pixel. Once that was done, I started colouring the dress and carousel. I went manually again, leaving the drawn lines underneath by creating a new layer for each coloured element and placing them above the background layer.

Scanned drawing

Next came the background colour. To do this, I toke the magnetic lasso and traced around the girl. Once that was done and the entire white space to be filled was selected, I filled the area with white. All this on a new layer of course. I turned on the mask mode and using the eraser fine tuned what was to be in white by running over parts the that were going to change colour. After everything was good and white, I went into the effects and put colour overlay in the peachy colour I wanted. I realised my art was finished and saved it as a .png, where it now rests as my desktop.

Finished Product

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