Phase 4

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Radishes grew taller, leaves having a large heart shape. I rotate the tray from time to time so that the stems do not always bend in the same direction, towards sunlight. One of the several sunflower seeds has grown two large leaves. The leaves have many hairs on them, giving them a fluffy feel. Chillies now all have thin curving stems. The soil dries out very quickly, and I must water it constantly. The seeds in the box are not fairing well, on the other hand. Two radish leaves have stems and roots buried into the kitchen paper. One of the chilli's has a tiny white stem protruding. The rest, however, have not evolved.




















There are 14 days left until repotting. I think by then that every seed will have strong stems and many leaves. The days have gotten colder and temperatures are now average 20º Celsius.

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