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Planted seeds into ready made biodegradable pots, in a kit from Ikea. To plant, poured approx. 50 ml of water and waited 10 seconds for water to dissolve dried compressed compost tablets. Placed Capsicum annuum Cayenne (red chili) first, then Curcurbita maxima Mammoth Gold (pumpkin) and lastly Raphanus sativus National (radish).


From left to right: Chilli, Pumpkin, Radish.

From left to right: Chilli, Pumpkin, Radish.









Also placed 4 chilli seeds, 3 pumpkin seeds, and 4 radish seeds into box filled with damp tissue. Spaced out the seeds into rows and placed damp sheet over them. Placed box in warmest room, on window sill (inside), current temperature in room at 2:33 is 17.5º Celsius. Current temperature at 2:33 at window sill is 20.8º Celsius.


Examined the seeds from the box, no visible growth yet, apart from Chilli Seed 1. This image captured from a microscope with lens 4x, shows a possible advancement. Will know for sure if a stem emerges at the same place in a few days.




Here is a diagram of a common seed structure:

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