Floating Weeds (浮草)

This Japanese movie, directed by Yasujiro Ozu, was made in 1959. This is a really old geezer. I watched it recently, having borrowed it from a local library, its main purpose being to surround myself with the Japanese language. However, I have only just recently learned how to introduce myself, so I couldn't possibly review this in Japanese. I did watch it in Japanese with English subs though. The story starts with a troupe of artists arriving in a small fishing town. The leader, or main actor, is Komajuro. We gradually learn that he has returned to this town where he once had a girlfriend, with whom he had a son, who is now approximately 18 years old. Komajuro spends his days with his son, who believes Komajuro is his uncle, and he spends his nights preforming mediocre plays which attract less and less people. But Komajuro's current girlfriend and lead actress finds out where he has been slinking away to, and jealousy overcomes her.

This movie was, well, old. The story was slightly comical in the way that it was boring in a compelling way, if you can imagine such a combination. An interesting detail concerning Japanese filming, there were plenty of still scenes, where an empty room was shown for several seconds, without anything happening. The same thing occurred with flower pots or streets. It was an interesting and new perspective of filming. The characters were really shallow and unreal, however. They became so predictable that it was unnerving. I knew what the entire story would be before we even reached half. There was one character whom I thought was splendidly unpredictable. His name escapes me (he did not have a big role), but he lectured his fellow actors that running away with the troupe's savings would be disrespectful, and simply disgusting. The next day we learn that the guy has run off by himself with the troupe's savings.
The music in it was very good, having that distinct Japanese feel to it, but that's just personal preference. All together, I think this was an added extra to my general knowledge, and I would recommend it, but I won't be adding it to my list of favorite movies.

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