My Name in Japanese

Recently I have started learning Japanese. I am highly interested in the language and culture of Japan. I have obtained a premium membership with Japanese Pod 101, and to begin my journey into the art of Japanese, I learned what my name is. To aid myself, I find this site, which transforms romaji (japanese written with latin alphabet) into katakana (a japanese script). It also explained about sounds and how words can be converted. There is no 'L' in Japanese, but rather a mix between an 'R' and an 'L'. In romaji, 'L' is written as 'R'. I also used the data available to me in Japanese Pod 101 to verify the sounds, and also to write them in proper stroke order. My full name is Fany Jocelyne Marylène Savina, and this, in Romaji, is Fani Joserin Mariren Savina. It is written as such:

f a ni -i   jo se ri n   ma ri re n   sa vi na

Below are the stroke orders and my name written in my own hand:

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