DIY Christmas Decoration Workshop

My bauble

On Sunday 14th of November, I went to a workshop entitled Pretty and Bright: DIY Christmas Ornaments. It was located in TOG, which is a hackerspace. A hackerspace is basically a place where a community of creative nerds and geeks can come together to work on projects, together or separately. Me being the nerd I am, I fitted right into the warehouse-like building. However it is not only limited to computer related projects. Any creative person interested in networks, crafts, computers, and science can come to TOG. There is a membership fee, however, to keep the hackerspace going.
For science week, there were, and still is, a lot of workshops and talks hosted in TOG. I attended this particular one, and will attend another which you will read about as well. The workshop was meant to start at three, and so I came at TOG at ten to three. I was a bit early, and the organisers were behind schedule, so I helped them set everything up. After five women came, and we were six altogether, we started near quarter to four. The decoration we were all going to make was a lighted christmas bauble. We had two different sizes of clear plastic spheres to choose from, and I chose the smaller of the two. We started by sticking a white opaque paper onto both halves of the sphere. Then we left that to dry and went off to do our soldering, preparing a LED to be placed inside the sphere, with the batteries outside of the sphere so it would be much simpler to replace them once they were used up. After that was finished, we went to decorate our baubles. We had various colours and materials to choose from. Each bauble was very different. The next task was to create a bow, to place on top of the ball, to hide the batteries encased in a tightly stretched sewing elastic band. I think my bauble is quite lovely, and it now permanently lights up my room until it will take its place on the christmas tree.
I had a lot of fun at TOG, and look forward to my next visit.

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