Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris was born the 25th of November, 1951, in Tunica Mississippi. Not much is known about her personal life, but I managed to find some scraps of information.
Harris had wanted to be a writer since she could write. She mainly wrote poems and short stories about ghosts, but later, while attending Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee, she started to write plays, and a few years later, novels, mainly of the mystery genre. Her first published book was Sweet and Deadly, in 1981. Afterwards, Charlaine started a series of novels named Aurora Teagarden. She continued expanding the series until the mid-1990's, at which point she diversified her works. In 1999, Harris continued the Aurora Teagarden series. She commenced another serie, the Lily Bard serie. She also wrote a single novel, which is the story of a rape victim survivor. Harris was able to include her own experience into the novel, as she is a rape victim survivor herself.
In 2001, she released the first novel of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, Dead until Dark. The series was immensely popular, and Harris became a New York Times Bestseller. Her series attracted the attention of Alan Ball, and it was produced into a tv series (True Blood) loosely based on Harris' novels (there are 10 to date, but the book serie is still ongoing). True Blood was nominated for numerous awards, and took home some of them, including Best Tv Show at Scream Awards. It is still ongoing, and has become a hit on HBO.
Charlaine Harris married Hal Schultz on the 5th of August 1978. She now lives in Arkansas with her husband and three children, Patrick, Timothy, and Julia. She states her pastimes as being reading, lifting weights, and watching movies.
In 2005, Harris released yet another serie entitled The Harper Connelly Mysteries. She has written 29 novels so far, as well as numerous short stories.

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