UK: DAY 1 and DAY 2; Arrival

Mini London Eye

We left home and headed to the port at 11 o'clock, and took the ferry to Holyhead. The boat lasted 2hrs, and the sea was relatively calm. The town of Holyhead was not a nice one, it was filthy, shabby, and I think the only source of income for the town was the ferry. We got into the car and drove up to Liverpool. While looking for our hotel, I spotted several renaissance looking buildings, as well as several weirdly shaped four-legged animals with alternating patterns dotted around the city. I also noticed a mini London Eye feris wheel, which was splendidly lit with blue lights.


We took a trip in the city centre looking for a place to eat, and I realised that Liverpool was exactly like Dublin, some streets even going as far as looking like exact replicas. We left Liverpool and headed east to Withernsea, where our mobile home is placed. We arrived near five o'clock and spent the rest of the evening settling in. Tomorrow the real travelling begins.

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