On a visit to Ikea, I bought a plant called "spathiphyllum". Here's some background Spathiphyllum Flower information on the origins of this beautiful plant and how to take care of it.

Native to tropical regions of the Americas, and southeastern Asia, these plants are more commonly known as "Peace Lilies". Spathiphyllum is composed of about 40 species. I am unsure of the exact type of Peace Lily I now own.

My Ikea Peace LilyIt is commonly known that this plant belongs to a group of plants that filter pollutants in the air as well as taking in our carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen back. Other studies have proven that plants in offices have reduced the amount of headaches, and coughs. The Peace Lily was part of the group of plants tested and it was proven that indoor air was cleaner with this plant. They also can bring an increase in well-being. If you cannot have an animal companion, then a plant will brighten up the room and they need to be taken care of if you want them to look the best.

For the Peace Lily, it doesn't like direct sunlight and thrives mostly in partial shadows. Keeping the soil moist is important but drain the excess water that is left at the bottom of the pot. When the flowers bloom and wilt, cut them off and another flower will grow back again. This is a tropical plant and it likes temperatures above 15℃ (59℉). Also keep them out of drafts. Love them and they will love you.

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