My Crow's Nest FernMy newest plant, called Asplenium, is a fern which grows on trees, stones or sometimes independently in the soil. Asplenium contains about 700 species. A common name applied to the most typical plants is "Spleenworts". Both this term and the scientific term come from an old belief that these plants were useful ailments for spleen problems, due to their spleen-shaped leaves. And as for "Worts", it is an old english term for "plants".

After a little research, I found that my plant is an "Asplenium Australasicum". It is found in Queensland, New South Wales and Asia. Its common name is "Crow's Nest Fern". Its habitats are rainforests and it is used to the harsh conditions and recoversMy Crow's Nest Fern Leaves quickly with the help of rain. The unusual positioning of leaves helps the plant to catch dead leaves and waste from around it so that it can create it's own serving of compost.

This plant is often confused with "Asplenium Nidus", the 'Bird's Nest Fern'. Contrarily to the Crow's Nest Fern, its foliage is edible and is largely eaten in Thai food.

The roots are relatively small compared to the size of the plant, this makes it an ideal indoor plant (the roots have space in the pot). Avoid putting it in full shadow, but do not over-expose to sunlight. Keep the soil moist but don't drown your plant. As well as watering regularly, spray a little once a week to keep the leaves moist as well.


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