The Time I Was Lucky…

The time I was lucky. I remember that day.
It was in spring. The birds were singing, the buds blooming, a cheerful yet dew-wet scene. The sky was blue and sprinkled with big white tufts. Anyone in their right minds would wake up, pull back the curtains and be filled with joy from the spectacular view. It was the first day of spring. The ending of the cold, snowy, famine-prone winter. I should have woken up and rejoiced at the coming of the warmer period of the year. I usually did. I never really liked the cold wetness of winter. But I wasn't happy.
It was my calculus test day. It had been marked on my calendar for a month, and every day had droned past, my consciousness growing with a greater dread as every minute passed.
I hated calculus. No, worse, I loathed it. Especially in test format.
I slowly dressed while in a drowsy, half-dazed coma. I brushed my teeth out of habit and finally entered the car that would lead me straight into the fiery pits of evil.
The other subjects passed by in a blur. I didn't eat during lunch. I just stared at the clock mounted on the wall, watching those precious seconds tick away ever so fast. Although no words could describe the dread that raked through my body, causing me physical pain, I shall try my best to describe this as accurately as possible.
As I made my way down the corridor towards my calculus class, my steps echoed inside my head, the murmur of my fellow students droned out by my beating heart trying to break free of its tight cage.
The world seemed to stop. Everything happened in slow motion. The door leading into the torture chamber of my life loomed forward, waiting to engulf me and my pitiful soul. Awaiting to send me straight to depths of hell. I stepped through the doorway and prepared for my destiny of pain. A grim reaper dressed in disguise as a substitute teacher waited until we were securely shackled to seats before saying:
"Your teacher has had an accident. I'm afraid she is in the hospital. She may not be coming back to teach you for some time. Due to the unexpectedness of this event, you will have a free class today while we try to sort this out." He then said the words that freed me from my dreaded state, "Your test is cancelled." His words echoed in my head.
You couldn't even begin to imagine the relief and light-headedness I felt. Happiness came tumbling down into my soul, along with a single thought; "I am lucky."

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